• yum Green Coffee Berry Creme Thumb4

    NEW PRODUCT Yum Green Coffee Berry Cream for mature/dry/environmentally stressed skin type

    Experience the powerful regenerative properties of plant-derived Stem Cells, Green Coffee Berry Lipactive and fermented Kombuchka Tea. This proage moisturizer supports the structure of the skin while enhancing texture and radiance which can be compromised by chronological aging and external factors. Gotu Kola and Gardenia plant stem cells amplify botanical nourishment while anti-oxidant Ferulic Acid and Phloretin fight back against aggression from environmental disruptors.

  • yum Green Coffee Berry Serum Thumb

    NEW PRODUCT YUM Green Coffee Berry Serum for mature/dry/sensitive skin type

    Stimulate cellular vibrancy and elasticity with this transformative anti-aging Serum that nourishes collagen and elastin. Bio-sourced Epidermal Growth Factors, Green Coffee Berry Lipactive and Kombuchka fermentation nourish and protect the skin with powerful anti-aging actives. This multi-peptide serum is an outstanding addition to any skin care regimen seeking to enhance cohesion and connectivity, essential components of natural resilience.

    Weight1 ozg
  • yum bilberry leaf moist

    Bilberry Leaf Matte Moisturizer

    Looking for a flawless finish for oily, combination or acneic skin? This oil neutralizing crème quickly penetrates into skin absorbing excess oil resulting in a picture perfect matte appearance. Powerful botanical extracts of Bilberry Leaf, Calendula, Chamomile and Lemon enhance skin clarity and equilibrium.  Soothing Aloe Barbadensis Leaf and Carrot Root Extracts target redness often associated with combination skin helping to pacify and clarify uneven skin tone.

    Weight2 ozg
  • creme de soleil

    Yum Creme de Soleil

    Fortify your skin with our Solar Defense products which help boost resistance to UV and environmental factors which often diminish radiance and clarity. Filtering zinc oxide, Illuminating daisy extract, alpha arbutin, ferulic acid and mineral mica

    Weight2 ozg
  • yum tomato tangerine moisturizer

    Yum Tomato Tangerine Moisturizer

    This highly concentrated moisturizer will help to balance, repair and nourish your skin. Lycopene, derived from Tomato and Tangerine Oil both containing naturally occurring Vitamin C, offers nourishment to Stressed Skin. Sarsaparilla Root, was used traditionally to treat skin disorders. For all skin types

    Weight2 ozg
  • yum sunflower seed moisturizer

    Yum Sunflower Seed Souffle

    A mild, hypo-allergenic, lightly textured moisturizing souffle formulated to hydrate, protect and improve skin texture. Sunflower Seed Oil, rich in Vitamins A, D and E, creates a natural moisture-barrier, making it exceptionally effective when protecting sensitive skin. For dry/sensitive skin

    Weight2 ozg