• yum green-tea calming serum

    Yum Green Tea Calming Serum

    Anti-oxidant rich Green Tea Calming Serum contains soothing actives that nurture and protect sensitive, dry, irritated or inflamed skin. This serum is infused with naturally derived Panthothenic Acid (Mushroom source) and Green and Black Teas that are high in polyphenols, powerful free-radical scavenging anti-oxidants. For normal/all, dry/sensitive skin

    Weight1 ozg
  • yum carrot & fig serum
    yum carrot & fig serum

    NEW! Yum Carrot Serum For Oily Skin Type

    Experience the benefits of blemish balancing Glycolic, Malic, Salicylic and Azelaic Acids that harmoniously neutralize imperfections while Pea Extract and Fig address areas of uneven skin tone or acne scarring. Non-greasy and fast absorbing, this serum may be used as a spot treatment or all over to reduce shine and absorb excess moisture. For normal/oily/combination skin

    Weight1 ozg
  • yum L-orange ascorbic C serum

    Yum L-Orange Ascorbic C Serum

    Reduce the appearance of aging by fighting destructive free radicals. L-Orange Ascorbic C Serum contains highly beneficial Vegan based Hyaluronic Acid and natural source Bioflavonoids that encourage younger, firmer looking skin. In addition to its anti-oxidant capabilities this serum hydrates and replenishes dehydrated, mature or sun damage skin. For all skin type

    Weight1 ozg
  • yum ferulic apple serum

    Yum Ferulic Apple-C Serum

    Experience the remarkable revitalizing benefits of this unique anti-oxidant cocktail infused with 20% Vitamin C and Ferulic acid. Naturally derived Asafetida and Sugar Apple Extracts enhance cellular interaction and encourage collagen synthesis. Gentle Malic Acid enhances penetration of Vitamin C, boosting efficacy of this serum. For all skin type

    Weight1 ozg
  • Phyto Hyaluronic+ Serum

    Phyto Hyaluronic+ Serum

    Phyto Hyaluronic+ Serum is an all-in-one hydrator offering water retaining properties which attract and bind moisture to the skin.

    Weight1 ozg
  • inca inchi serum

    Inca Inchi Hydra-lift Serum

    Inca Inchi Hydra-Lift Serum reshapes, restructures and firms devitalized skin while protecting skin from transepidermal water loss.

    Weight1 ozg
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