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    Anti-Redness Serum



    Skin type: Sensitive, rosacea skin types. This unique serum has proven benefits for patients with sensitive skin, rosecea, barrier dysfunction and sunburn. Clinical studies have shown that twice-daily use of PCA Skin Anti-Redness Serum results in a 14% decrease in transepidermal water loss over a four week period and a 50% reduction in redness over an eight-week period. 1 oz.

  • rejuvenating serum

    Rejuvenating Serum


    Skin type: All skin types. This ultimate anti-aging serum contains epidermal growth factors to help stimulate healthy cell proliferation, leading to stronger skin. Additional vitamins, amino acids and osmoprotectants protect cells from water loss, keeping the skin firm and smooth. This superior formulation includes tocotrienols (vitamin E ) and EGCG (antioxidant from green tea) to offer all skin types exceptional protection against free radicals and inflammation. 1 oz.