PCA Skin Cleansers

  • pca oily skin wash

    PCA Oily Skin Cleanser

    Skin Types
    Oily Combination
    Skin Concerns
    A gentle cleanser that removes makeup, oil, dirt and environmental impurities in breakout-prone skin.
    Gentle exfoliation
    Contains a unique blend of ingredients that soothe and protect the skin
    Cleansing blend that purifies the skin and minimizes breakouts

    Weight7 ozg
  • facial wash pca

    Gel Facial Wash (Normal skin)


    Weight16 ozg

    Skin type: Normal skin types. This refreshing, skin-friendly AHA aloe gel cleanser gently and effectively removes makeup while leaving the skin supple and ph balanced. 7 oz.

    $44 $37
  • pca brithtning bar
    Salient_Logopigment bar

    PCA Brightening Pigment Bar


    Weight3.2 ozg

    Skin type: Pigmented skin type. This cleansing bar enhances and maintains the results of any PCA SKIN pigment control program. The blend of kojic and azelaic acids helps fight inflammation and inhibit other causes of hyperpigmentation. 3.3 oz.

  • 21124

    Creamy Cleanser



    Skin type: Normal skin types. This gentle, hydrating cleanser effectively removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin of its essential moisture. It contains a nourishing blend of rose hip seed oil, aloe and amino acid. 7 oz.

  • pca blemish bar salient
    pca blemish bar salientPCA blemish barpca brithtning barblemish bar pca

    Blemish Control Bar


    Weight3.2 ozg

    Skin type: Blemish and acneic skin types. This gentle smoothing and antibacterial cleansing bar is for anyone with oily or breakout-prone skin. It works to eradicate higher bacterial populations. Its skin-softening effect helps to reduce the incidence of scarring while breakouts are healing. It is also beneficial for ingrown hairs. 3.3 oz.