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Lycogel: The Perfect Camouflage!


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Introducing the first Breathable color corrective treatment that  combines multiple skincare technologies in one product to improve your skin while you look flawless.  Conventional foundation covers and literally suffocates the skin, inviting problems like enlarged pores, breakouts, discoloration and wrinkles.  Breathable camouflage combine a triple silica-gel base that allows your skin to breatyhe naturally whit powerful ingredients and skin-fortifying vitamins promote visibly healthier skin with every application.    Lyco-Complex is a carefully balanced set of 13 active ingredients consisting of Peptides, Plant Stem Cell Technology, Hyaluronic Acid and Anti Oxidants that work synergistically to improve and protect your skin.  Lycogel comes in several shades to match your skin.  Please specify which shade you wish to have when ordering.   Ivory, Taupe, Creme, Pearl, Beige, Sand, Honey, Amber, Caramel, Almond, Cocoa.

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