Is electrolysis something new?

Definitely not.  Since 1867, medical journals have recorded successful and permanent electrolysis treatments.  It has proved its effectiveness over many years.

Is electrolysis more permanent than laser hair removal?

If you are a good candidate for laser hair removal, meaning dark colored hair on white skin, you will be very happy with laser treatments.  However, electrolysis can permanently remove any white or colored hair anywhere on the body.

Are chemical peels all the same?

Absolutely not. There are different formulations of chemical peels and different strengths as well.  Good formulations are extremely important because it does not agress the skin.  Effective chemical peels should be part of your anti-aging therapy.

Are more expensive sunscreens more effective than low cost sunscreen? 

Not really. What make good sunscreens are the ingredients. You have to look for a high concentration of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  Some are physical sunscreens and some are chemical sunscreens. Both types are very effective.