• creme de soleil

    Yum Creme de Soleil

    Fortify your skin with our Solar Defense products which help boost resistance to UV and environmental factors which often diminish radiance and clarity. Filtering zinc oxide, Illuminating daisy extract, alpha arbutin, ferulic acid and mineral mica

    Weight2 ozg
  • yum tomato tangerine moisturizer

    Yum Tomato Tangerine Moisturizer

    This highly concentrated moisturizer will help to balance, repair and nourish your skin. Lycopene, derived from Tomato and Tangerine Oil both containing naturally occurring Vitamin C, offers nourishment to Stressed Skin. Sarsaparilla Root, was used traditionally to treat skin disorders. For all skin types

    Weight2 ozg
  • yum sunflower seed moisturizer

    Yum Sunflower Seed Souffle

    A mild, hypo-allergenic, lightly textured moisturizing souffle formulated to hydrate, protect and improve skin texture. Sunflower Seed Oil, rich in Vitamins A, D and E, creates a natural moisture-barrier, making it exceptionally effective when protecting sensitive skin. For dry/sensitive skin

    Weight2 ozg
  • yum inca inchi moisture quench

    Inca inchi Moisture Quench

    This deeply nourishing cream stimulate elastin, boost the epidermal-dermal junction, visibly improve fine lines, tighten, firm and fortify the skin. This Omega-rich Inca Inchi Oil preserves the cutaneous lipidic balance. For normal, oily, dry/sensitive, mature skin

    Weight2 ozg
  • yum alp rose stem cell moist
    yum alp-rose-moistruizer

    Yum Alp Rose Stem Cell Night Rejuvenator

    This Alp Rose Stem Cell Night Rejuvenator fortifies and revitalizes the neck and chest areas which are susceptible to diminished barrier function, lack of tone and visible signs of aging. For all skin types except oily skin.

    Weight2 ozg
  • yum lychee balancing gel

    Yum Lychee Balancing Gel

    Yum Lychee Balancing Gel is an intensive treatment for oily, acne prone or problematic skin. This lightweight gel absorbs excess sebum while providing the skin with ital. nutrients. Arbutin, Lychee Extract and Vitamin C work efficiently to enhance appearance and create harmony in the skin’s mantle. Retinol Palmitate encourages exfoliation that effectively removes keratinized skin cells that normally aggravate problematic skin. For normal/all, oily/combination skin

    Weight2 ozg
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