• yum sweet-orange

    Sweet Orange Cleansing Complex

    This highly potent Vitamin C and Beta Hydroxy-based cleanser gently sweeps away dead skin cells. Ultra creamy, this formula contains bio-available vitamin C derived from Acai, Raspberry and Cranberry, which protects skin’s natural moisture mantle against sun and environmental aggression. Sweet Orange Oil, Lemon Juice and Wild Yam Extracts further enhance ski condition, creating the optimum environment for serums, masques and daily moisturizers. For normal/all, environmentally stressed.

    Weight125 mlg
  • vitamin-a-pumpkin

    Vitamin A Pumpkin Cleanse

    Revitalize and refresh congested, dull or mature skin with this daily foaming cleanser which contains natural Pumpkin Enzymes, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene and two potent anti-oxidant ingredients that help fortify the cellular matrix. Pumpkin Cleanse provides vital nutrition with resurfacing lipids and anti-microbial Clove and Cinnamon Oils which further enhance the appealing scent of this mild balancing formula. Delicious!

    Weight8 ozg
  • citris-paradisi

    Citrus Paradisi Cleanser

    Find the correct balance for oily skin. This gentle, highly effective foaming anti-oxidant wash, cleans, nourishes and hydrates without damaging skin

    Weight8 ozg