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    Couperose-C Serum



    Skin types: all skin types, including Rosacea/sensitive/oily skin types. Benefits: calm rosacea or sensitive skin and assists in reducing inflamed irritated skins, essential in treating rosacea and broken capillaries. Active anti-oxidants combat free radicals, serum supplies high levels of vitamin C and bioflavinoids. Easy home use for clients to continue treatment. 1 oz.

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    Eight Greens Youth Serum. FREE WITH PURCHASE OF 2 PRODUCTS.



    Skin type: all skin types. Benefits: a powerhouse of antioxidants and active phyto-estrogen rich ingredients found in Yucca Extract, Vitex Angus Castus, Algae and Flax Seed balance and normalize skin. 1 oz.

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    Green Tea & Guava Fortifying Serum



    Skin type: all skin types. Benefits: firming and lifting serum for all skin types. Immune boosting green tea combines with refreshing and revitalizing guava juice in this antioxidant and vitamin rich serum. Return firmness and support the skin structure with this deeply penetrating serum for all skin types. 1 oz.

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    Cornflower Recovery Serum



    Skin type: all skin types especially dehydrated skin types including sensitives. Gentle cornflower and calming chamomile soothe and detoxify skin while hibicus and seabuckthorn impart antiowidants and improve elasticity. 0.5 oz.

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